New Website

Our past, present and future have come together in a new website to present all the projects we have been working on for our audience to enjoy. We would like to present our new window to the world: a fresh, very visual site with lots of content.
From reality shows, where Pointrel shows its very specific vision of reality, to Game shows, informative programmes and of course our treasures like the legendary ‘Un, dos, tres…¡Responda otra vez!’ or the cult series ‘Historias para no dormir’.

On the Prointel website you will find new entertainment proposals with videos of the pilot programmes we have prepared. In addition, in the #Rodando section, you can follow the projects we are working on in real time.
Prodigioso Volcán, the digital design and communication consultancy, specializes in developing innovative communication strategies and architecture projects and has created and programmed our new website.
We hope this website will be as much fun to visit as the signature Ibáñez Serrador content we have created and to continue to have the affection of our audience.


The new Prointel Project with Toñejo Rodríguez to be shown on FormulaTV

Brrrm Brrrm… we are warming up and we are sure that our new project will not leave you indifferent. That’s whywe were on the cover of FormulaTV of February 15. Toñejo Rodriguez is one of those athletes who make their sport great and leave an indelible mark. Alejandro Ibáñez fell in love with his story […]

Prointel produces the new album by Rash

Prointel has released a new music production project, “Madly human” the new album by singer-songwriter Rash. The single “Spring in your bags” is available on digital platforms Itunes and Spotify. The videoclip is starring by Adriana Abenia and Rash, directed by Alejandro Ibáñez, and it has also been produced by Prointel.