• Genre: Game show
  • Duration: 30'
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Year broadcast: 2003 (86 Programmes)
  • Channel: CMT
  • Presentation: Patricia Pérez

Two teams, each of three contestants are faced with a battery of games in which concentration and short term memory are the weapons they have to win a big cash prize. In this family-oriented format children and adults have the possibility to play from home by just paying attention and using their memory. The public regional channel of the autonomous region of Castilla-La Mancha broadcast the programme, hosted by Patricia Pérez, in 2003.


Patricia Pérez hosted the program for 5 seasons.

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Patricia Pérez hosted the program for 5 seasons.

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'Pure Adrenaline'

Toñejo Rodriguez, extreme motor sportsman, paraplegic and his assistant, Alyson Eckmann, travel the United States trying the different ways of wild and awesome driving.

‘Recording the World'

Chronicles the adventures of a TV crew in the process of shooting a documentary about endangered tribal music.

'Recording the World: Coocking with Julius'

The Adventures of Chef Julius Bienert along with the TV crew on a culinary journey through Asia that combines the magic of discovering world with the passion for adventure and pleasure of good food.

'Sky with Diamonds'

Is the initiatory journey of a musician in a slump, who is going through a personal and creative crisis, and embarks on the adventure of his life.


'What´s for dinner?'

In this Cookery game show two teams, headed by a celebrity, compete to accumulate the right ingredients with which our Chef prepares an “unforgettable” dinner for them.

'Un, dos, tres... ¡Responda otra vez!'

This most successful programme and the most legendary game show in the history of Spanish television, which forms part of our collective memory.

'Waku, Waku'

Game show where four celebrity contestants must anticipate the surprising, unusual or funny behaviour of the most fascinating animals on the planet.

'Jimanji Kanana'

'Waku, Waku' returned to the small screen with the new title 'Jimanji Kanana'. It kept four celebrities competing for the grand cash prize that would help an animal rights association.

'Memory like an elephant'

This game show evaluates contestants’ memories through simple games that put their retentive visual, verbal and auditory memory to the test.

'El Semáforo'

It offered anonymous citizens the opportunity to perform their own show. The audience voted about the quality of the performance either with applause or by banging pots and pans together.


'Stories to stay awake'

Fabled series of horror, thriller and science fiction stories that helped establish Narciso Ibañez Serrador’s reputation in television.

'The house that screamed'

The rigid discipline imposed at boarding school, at times close to sadistic, encourages a climate of distrust and tension that increases when some of the girls start mysteriously disappearing.

'The killer’s playground'

Tom and Evelyn, a couple of English tourists arrive at a Spanish coastal town for their honeymoon. Getting away from the hustle and bustle, the couple decide to rent a boat to visit a small peaceful island where Tom lived years before.


'La Culpa' tells a disturbing story, set in Spain in the 1970s, where a young nurse and her daughter move into a house in which they have company of a mysterious presence.

'Historia de la Frivolidad'

It is a special Programme produced by TVE in 1967 intended to participate in the most important international television festivals at the time.


'Hablemos de sexo'

From the hand of the then unknown Dr Elena Ochoa, this programme was a milestone in the history of Spanish television being the first programme daring to openly raise all matters relating to human sexuality.

'Luz Roja'

A journalistic and informative format presented by psychologist Elena Ochoa that examined the harshest problems plaguing our society.


Rash 'Primavera en tus maletas'

The clip is produced by Prointel and co-starring the model, presenter and actress Adriana Abenia. Rash is the singer who stars in the pilot of the Prointel reality show 'Cielo con Diamantes' (Sky with Diamonds).